Experience Science & Technology Hands-0n

  L.E.A.P.S STEM Program
       (Learning, Experimenting, Analyzing, and Problem Solving)

                       L.E.A.P.S   6 Core Service Areas:

*   Introduce Students to Technology/Lab Experience

*   Learn Problem Solving Techniques

*   Convey Technical Information Accurately/Effectively

*   Develop The Ability to Work and Think Independently

*   Report Observations Completely and Accurately

*   Apply Acquired Knowledge to a Given Situation

Science & Technology are the only reliable ways to figure things out in a world that is so seldom fair and impartial.

                     Engaging The Younger Student's

The purpose of implementing L.E.A.P.S Science & Technical Program  for the younger students is to encourage, engage, and increase their interest in science and technology. L.E.A.P.S program allows the younger students to familiarize themselves with the use of various science related activities that involve the operation of different technical and electronic equipment. Through L.E.A.P.S Science & Technical Program the younger students will gain knowledge and appreciation for science and technology.



L.E.A.P.S Science & Technical program is available to both girls and boys.

                            Preparing For Their Future

L.E.A.P.S expectations for the older students is to provide them with hands-on training, giving the students an opportunity to apply theories and skills learned in the program to an actual job situation. This expereince enable students to enter the workforce immediately following high school or pursue further training at a technical or community college. 

Together the students will Learn, Experiment, Analyze, and Problem Solve.